Kristjan Kangro, young Estonian entrepreneur is the CEO and founder of the new crypto bank called Change. Is it the next big thing? I am not sure, but it certainly is another exciting project. It was launched in the 1st quarter of 2016. In 2017 they raised $17.5 million in investments.

So what is Change really about?

Here’s what their website says about them.

Change is a new age financial proposition for individuals with high financial ambitions.It was created for young and forward-looking men and women who feel disconnected with the way banks operate. The clean, minimalist look of Change’s logo was designed to fit our vision. The broken circle represents Change – the ability to “break the loop” and take control.
Their vision is nice and short: To be the most exciting banking* application in the world.
Their mission is a few words longer: To aggregate all financial services in one sophisticated platform, enabling payments, transfers, and investments worldwide. Change is set to simplify and modernise mobile finance, focusing on security, efficiency, and equal access to opportunities.
Take a look at their product timeline:






Range of interesting products and services

They offer various things that I think is worth registering for. Just yesterday I ordered my free (it is for free for a limited time only) Change car which is like a normal debit card but you use your crypto currencies to pay for things. This is how they promote their card: Use Change Travel Card to convert your currencies* seamlessly, with government level security. There’s also a wallet which is a safe and easy way to store, exchange, and keep track of traditional and virtual currencies. 

What is probably the most interesting part of this project is that they have a finance marketplace that is planned to launch already this year. According to their website they will have accessible real estate investing, insurance (you can buy travel insurance from the app), loans (peer to peer loan opportunities), startups (you can invest in early stage high growth companies.) and credit (you can apply for personal loans).

It all looks very promising and I will definitely keep my eye on this project.

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Check out Change Bank’s website: