Currently, Ripple is at #3 on coinmarketcap. The value of XRP stands at $0.47476, with a surge of 1.35% noted in the last 24-hours. 42,566,596,173 XRP tokens are part of the circulating supply, and the 24-hour trading volume recorded since the day before is $$2.436 billion as of now. $20,209 is the total market cap of Ripple at the moment, but this number is expected to grow shortly.

The resistance levels at $0.4800 and $0.4850 are proving to be particularly tiresome. The independent digital asset is slated to be one of the biggest winners to date, not to mention the XRP Army which accounts for bullish momentum. Even the price of Ethereum is facing stiff resistance near the $340 level.

For now, Ripple is expected to remain in the green zone, as the bullish trend holds strong. Bitcoin, however, crossed the $12,000 mark early on and a change of 12.93% was noted in the last 24-hours. This will undoubtedly influence the pace of the altcoins, and ETH along with the rest are showing results.

The $0.4770 resistance level is where the ability of the bulls must be put in play. If XRP proceeds to break on through, $0.4800 will be key to scaling newer heights. Herein you will find the Ripple whitepaper enclosed titled ”Big Opportunity in Small Business Payments”:

If the coin starts sinking in value, $0.4600 and $0.4580 is where initial support will be established. The MACD for XRP/USD is toiling to pick up the pace in the green zone. Yesterday, the bearish trend that a chunk of the market had followed has now gone, and the bulls are back in action. Will this make XRP break the $0.5 barrier soon? Or will Litecoin’s halving event or future volatility result in the coin losing out in value?

Either way, the adoption policies will help Ripple cruise through problems and soon become mainstream across the world.