Ripple (XRP)’s value on the market surged to levels higher than the $0.90 base as positive sentiment helped it close in on the morale-boosting $1.00 price. The continued optimism among XRP holders saw it gain over 5% later on April 23, 2018. The result of this price jump was to sustain belief in the community that once the coin breaches the next resistance level; it could be on its way to achieving a great run. The target would be to consolidate the gains made so far. If it happens, then XRP could eventually go past $2 and aim for $5. This is likely to happen sooner than when most investors and crypto enthusiasts believe to be the case.

Today’s price movement is continuing the trend towards the dollar level, with a gain of about 3.89% in the last 24 hours. Over the 7-day period, the coin has jumped +37.23%. With the coin getting a lot of publicity as a result of its deals, daily trading volumes reached over $1.03 billion during the early Asian hours. The percentage change will even be higher as the market is likely to experience greater moves into the green zones.

The future of cross-border payments is cryptocurrency.

The revolutionary aspects of cryptocurrency mean that international money transfer has a better future with a digital coin providing the transactional layer. We know Ripple’s focus is on making cross-border payments faster and cheaper. To that effect, it is among two of the leading candidate to be adopted by many more payment providers. But there is yet another area that could give Ripple (XRP) a massive boost. What if the team decided to venture into the domestic payments arena?

 It’s not yet confirmed, but the coin has a chance of getting incorporated into the Fed Payments Improvement program. Even though FedPay reports do not mention it, the advantages offered by the XRP currency could see it considered for domestic use too.

Ripple has already proven that it has the capacity to handle internal payments. Its partnership with a number of banks in Japan confirms that it has the infrastructure to get into the American market. The numerous partnerships with multinational payment providers can be a launch pad for the company to revolutionize payment systems internationally and domestically. Santander, MoneyGram, Western Union, Fleetcor among others could provide the foundation for XRP with their infrastructure.

At the moment, one of the XRP partners, SBI Holdings has its CEO predicting that the coin is likely to hit a $10 price level by end of 2018.

Ripple could get listed on a major exchange soon

Ripple (XRP) is tradable on a number of major cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe. However, it has found it hard to get listed on one of the biggest exchanges offering its services in the USA. There has been speculation that that could change soon, something that could instantly make the coin available to millions of potential buyers. Cory Johnson, who is in charge of Ripple’s marketing strategies indicated last week that the platform was in talks to have the coin added, though it wasn’t immediately known when.

Even though XRP has been labeled a security by the US SEC authorities, Johnson refuted the claim, insisting otherwise. If the talks involving Coinbase turn out to be true, then we can expect a massive adoption of the coin and a price rally towards the $5, if not the predicted $10.


Revolut is to add XRP to its mobile app

The Revolut Bank has indicated that they will be adding XRP to their portfolio. This was reported earlier in the year, but its implementation is expected before the end of April. This could happen by 30th. If XRP is added to the Revolut wallet and exchange, it’d make purchasing the cryptocurrency instant and accessible to a wider population via the mobile app.

By getting on Revolut, Ripple’s coin would join the likes of BTC, ETH, and LTC. As one of the hottest Fintech companies, the prospect of adding XRP would actually be a great move for the coin due to the increased visibility it will get. Already some potential investors are sounding out Ripple (XRP) in light of the expected listing.

Why Revolut will be big relates to its ease of use and varied fiat options. Users don’t send Cryptocurrency to the wallet, but rather can only purchase and send to their wallets. Even though the exchange may be a bit expensive compared to other sites, it’s offering of 25 different fiat options will attract several new investors who want to exchange fiat for crypto.