Ripple Ecology is a frontier reserve system initiated by the co-founder of the Ripple Fund. Ripple Ecology is similar to American Ecology in the field of digital assets in the financial field. It was launched worldwide on October 1, 2018. Because the total amount of the Ripple currency will gradually decrease with the increase of the number of transactions, and the reserve system will reduce the speculative frequency of transactions to reduce the ineffective XRP loss in a wide range, so as to play an energy-saving role in Ripple’s cross-border payment system.Ripple Ecology cooperates with investment capital companies such as Google, IDG Capital, FF Angel, Softbank Group and China Huachuang Capital to build an ecological community, raise the price ofRipple currency to about 200 dollars, and the daily income of the ecological community comes from the capital market.

Ripple currency is the only general currency in Ripple system. It is different from other currencies in Ripple system. Other currencies such as CNY and USD can not be withdrawn across the gateway. In other words, CNY issued by gateway A can only be withdrawn in gateway A. If you want to withdraw in gateway B, you must convert the billing function of Ripple system into CNY of gateway B before you can withdraw in gateway B. The Ripple currency has no restrictions at all. It is universal in the Ripple system.

Ripple’s ambition goes beyond encrypted currency to be listed on Nasdaq. Ripple’s ambition is not just to be the number one player in the encrypted currency market. Through the Nasdaq listing, the company may achieve the goal of leading the financial and commercial sectors with decentralized financial instruments. Ripple spent four months promoting its XRP as the first listed encryption currency when Nasdaq launched its encryption platform in 2019.

The far-reaching significance of Ripple ecology lies in:

• Reducing the frequency of high-frequency trading of the Ripple coin and causing a rapid decline in the number

• Reducing speculative liquidity through currency reserves reflects real operational value

Let the owner of Ripple enjoy the right to participate in the market making, accelerate the market popularization of the application of Ripple block chain, realize the global low and fast cross-border payment value, set up the model of digital economy and create huge social benefits.

Ripple is the first open payment network in the world, which is the core competitiveness of Ripple. Through this payment network, any currency can be transferred. It is easy and fast. The transaction confirmation can be completed in a few seconds. The transaction cost is almost zero. There is no so-called cross-border and cross-border payment cost. Ripple labs is currently responsible for development, operation and maintenance. Due to the privacy of bank data, besides the Internet mid-network (multi-level network) which Ripple spent a lot of money to build for more than ten years to meet the hardware requirements of the financial system, other digital currencies can not meet the privacy of cross-border payment required by banks.

Ripple currency is the only universal currency in Ripple system, which provides a fast and inexpensive cross-border payment and settlement data package for the global financial system. It is unrestricted and can realize the function of cross-border second payment and settlement. Ripple currency is the basic currency of Ripple network, the total number of 100 billion, and with the increase of transactions and gradually reduce, in general, the Ripple network is like a highway network, and the Ripple currency is the only car that can run freely on the highway.

Ripple Payment Network is invested by Google for $1 billion! Ford invested $200 million! Rockefeller! The world’s richest Rothschild family invested (the Ross family’s assets are 2200 Ma Yun and 800 Bill Gates). China’s Huachuang Capital, including Sun Zhengyi’s Softbank, which invested in Ma Yun, and more than 20 top venture capital companies in the world all participated in Ripple!

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