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Ripple’s XRP is not only useful. It’s also green and efficient!

Most people don’t stop to think how green cryptocurrencies are. It’s more or less natural because coins that exist only as bits on the internet do not suggest any kind…

Analysis, Opinion

Here Are 8 Intriguing Virtual Currencies You Should Follow

In 2017, virtual currencies simply couldn’t be stopped. When the year began, the combined market cap of every cryptocurrency was just shy of $18 billion. But by year’s end, cryptocurrencies were worth…

Analysis, Opinion

Can blockchain reduce inequality?

I just finished reading an article in The Washington Post and just had to share it with you guys. The author of the article, Nicolas Berggruen is chairman of the Berggruen…

Analysis, Markets, News

MoneyGram CEO Plans Waves With Ripple

Headlines swirl around the price of bitcoin and its cryptocurrency cousins, around psychological barriers tied to $10,000 thresholds, around raids on suspect operators, around tax rates in South Korea and…


Bitcoin is heading for its biggest monthly decline

Bitcoin is headed for its worst monthly decline since January 2015. Price hit as low as $9915. But why? As there could be more than a few reason behind it,…

Analysis, Opinion

Review of Bloomberg’s article ‘Bitcoin Is the New Gold’

Noah Smith of Bloomberg published a rather interesting article that I wanted to share with you and give a few thoughts of my own. ”Invest in it, perhaps. But don’t…